The one about the journey

Our 15 shade cruelty free and vegan formula The one about the journey. 

Our journey palette is all about each and everyone’s  make up journey from where we started to where we are now. At LLC we are super proud of where we started to where we are now. We started out with loose pigments and glitters and now we have a full range of vegan and cruelty free products. This palette is to mark this. With our uplifting messages we want you to be proud of Your journey. 

Quote under mirror-
Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared and humble when you are victorious. Be obsessed with your own potential


For the name shadows-

Stay patient and trust your journey you are exactly where you need to be Lynn



12 mattes and 3 shimmers

such a perfect all year round palette with peaches, pinks, purples, browns,white and black shades

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